top 5 best budget audiophile power cable

audiophile power cables


Quality cables can improve the performance of your sound system remarkably, so upgrading your power cables is the way to go. First, upgrade the signal cables and then your power cables should be considered afterwards. Good power cables are also very essential in recording studios. They improve the quality of your stereo sound so that you are able to hear the mix of your song very clearly.

There are many power cords out there that fall within various price ranges, but there are affordable ones with very good quality that will surely deliver. You just need to put certain things into consideration before you purchase yours.

This guide provides a list of the top 5 best budget audiophile power cable that can help you achieve remarkable enhancement in your sound, with certain things to look out for in a quality power cable.

#5. Pangea Audio AC-14 Power cord (0.6 Meter)

Pangea Audio AC-14 Power cord (0.6 Meter)

This audiophile power cable guarantees louder sounds by improving the performance of your preamps, CD players and other sound appliances. With its OFC conductors, this cable supplies high conductivity and its 14-awg design allows it supply maximum current. It is advisable not to change the ground plug of this cable because it is an improvement over the less expensive ones and so altering the ground plug may affect performance.

The Pangea Audio AC-14 Power cord has two main features that affect noise getting into your power signal and RF- and EM- interference rejection. These are:

1-full shielding

2-counter spiraled conductors

*the full shielding offers RF- and EM- interference rejection while the counter spiral conductors prevent the entry of noise into your power signal.

This audiophile cable also supplies enough current for your appliances even as it offers multiple shielding. It is very easy to install, lightweight, thick but flexible and this is what makes it the perfect option for power conditioners. It also has a nice shape and decent length that makes it convenient to plug it alongside other cables in a tightly positioned outlet. You also get to enjoy your headphones without getting those annoying hissing sounds that are usually common with low quality cables.

Overall, this audiophile power cable improves the quality of your sound making them ideal for your devices.

#4. GYMAN Extension Cord Cable Power Outlet Saver 3 Prong 16 AWG-13 A

GYMAN Extension Cord Cable Power Outlet Saver 3 Prong 16 AWG-13 A

It has a simple extender that makes it convenient for you to use all the available outlets. It is durable, made of quality material that won’t wear and tear in a long period, so you don’t have to worry about pets and kids playing around the cables.

They are suitable for your monitors, computers, power transformers etc. using this cable helps you avoid the stress and discomfort that comes with using long cables. These cables are 1 ft in length (excluding the two ends) and 17 inches when measured with the two ends so you don’t have to deal with tangled cables. It leaves your connection neatly arranged.

The GYMAN Extension Cord Cable is a three-prong plug extension but can be used for connecting a two-prong plug. In comparison to the 18 awg, this 16 awg is much thicker and stable. You can use this cord to increase the cord of your computer. Each of these extension cords can support power of 3000 watts and can work with 125 V/13 A.

This audiophile power cable also helps you extend the distance between your device and your outlet plug, so that you won’t require the use of multiple adapters again. You can now shove your furniture to the wall without disturbing your connections.

#3. Monster Black Platinum Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet-16 ft

Monster Black Platinum Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet-16 ft

This is another high quality power cable that can deliver a 4k performance. It is very affordable and also offers noise protection. You are guaranteed great signal with this model as well as an amazing sound quality. This 16 feet cable has high durability that will make them work for you for a very long time. It also has good resistance to corrosion, bringing nothing less than 7.1 digital sounds to your music.

Other advantages of this power cable: it is built to support high voltage delivery. It can also be very helpful in your Ethernet connections and can support over six channels that have high bandwidth audio. The Monster Black Platinum Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable fits well into outlets, thanks to its great build and cable gauge that gives it that stiffness. It doesn’t have as much cables compared to some other models.

#2. Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable (1 Meter)

Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable (1 Meter)

The Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable (1 Meter) has great quality like the Pangea Audio AC-14 Power cord. They deliver power to high-level components and are perfect for your hi-fi as well as home theaters. Upgrading your audiophile power cables will surely improve the performance of your sound system by a long mile, giving you a completely different feeling all together as you enjoy your music and videos.

It is built with gold-plated contacts as well as a silver-plated shield; these features support much higher electrical contact. With its counter-spiraled conductor features, air borne noises that can disturb the sound quality coming from your sound system are completely eliminated.

There are also three conductor groups made of both solid and stranded litz conductors. The Pangea Audio AC 14SE provides protection against interference and altogether delivers maximum conductivity that ensures sufficient delivery of current to your appliances.

These cables are very flexible, making installation very easy and are also compatible with almost any device you can think of including your gaming consoles. Another plus is that they function with different power conductors that come in different sizes. The Pangea Audio AC 14SE are known for their high standard and superiority over several other power cords, so this explains why they are widely used all over.

#1. Fusion 4K High Speed 4K HDMI Cable – Professional Series

Fusion 4K High Speed 4K HDMI Cable - Professional Series

This is a six feet-long power cable that delivers 4k videos at a supported bandwidth of up to 60 Hz and has a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 and also supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160.This maximum resolution is usually used by cinemas and also for movies shoots.

The Fusion 4K offers performance at high speed and provides the required bandwidth for good quality video and audio. You can use this cable to connect your television to your game consoles, media PC and other HDMI enabled devices.

Enjoy brighter quality with several colors. Enjoy amazing sounds that are brought to live with this power cable. It is perfect for big gig applications. You can use the fusion 4k with HDR, or to connect a HD monitor to your PC. it will also work with your 720p smart TV as well as many other devices.

With all these amazing advantages, it is still very affordable and compared with many other cables, it is perfectly built, can be installed in the wall and you are still guaranteed a smooth performance.