top 5 best guitar amp under 400

The baritone is an instrument popularly used in the past for the “tic-tac” bass line in country songs to give depth to the music. All baritone amps are definitely not constructed the same but generally, they are all versatile and can amplify input sources from different kinds of guitar.

The baritone amplifiers come in different shapes and sizes and are important for live performances to bring that clear and amplified sound out of your keyboard. They can also be very useful in your studio or home. Selecting the perfect keyboard can be a little difficult considering that there are so many guitar amplifiers out there with various functions. So you need to be certain you are getting one that works well with your baritone guitar.

Here are some things that should be put into consideration before getting a baritone guitar amp

The construction of the amp: most baritone guitar amps are sturdy, rugged and could be quite heavy but then you should really consider the portability of your amplifier as more powerful amps are generally much heavier and may not be easy and convenient to transport. More portable amps are usually not so powerful, so you should look for one that falls in-between.

Power and size of amp: this is probably the most important thing you should look out for because an amplifier with more watts will definitely deliver a louder sound.

Effects: some baritone guitar amps come with digital effects. These effects may include chorus, reverb, delay and more.

This article will make five good recommendations to help you with your baritone guitar amplifier selection. Below are your top 5 amplifiers for baritone guitar.

#5. Mugig Guitar Amplifier – Rechargeable Speaker Works with Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)

Mugig Guitar Amplifier - Rechargeable Speaker Works with Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)

This is an ideal guitar for street and band performance, karaoke with friends and family, guitar practice and more. It has a strong chargeable battery with high capacity and performs with high efficiency. When fully charged, this amp can work for about ten hours without interference. This 25 w amplifier features a recording function that allows you record all your performances.

The mugig guitar amplifier is a standard amplifier that can modify the sounds of various instruments. it also works well with electric guitars and can transmit along a distance of ten meters. It has a 3-stage equalizer and digital effects like the reverb and delay. Other features include; headphone and DI output interface, mp3/USB interface. This product has dimensions of 1.1×0.8×0.75 ft and weighs 8.8 pounds.

There are other special functions like the lithium battery that is rechargeable and the wireless Bluetooth. The Bluetooth function allows you play your music files with your tablet. It is wireless and therefore can be taken anywhere. It is definitely the right size; not too big and not too small.

Enjoy clear sounds from this amplifier without the frustrating “hum” sound you get from low quality amps.

#4. Mugig Guitar Amplifier with Handle Portable Amplifier for Electric Guitar 10W Combo Guitar Amp

Mugig Guitar Amplifier with Handle Portable Amplifier for Electric Guitar 10W Combo Guitar Amp

This is an amplifier that can be used in an outdoor event and other street performances. It has a handle that makes it convenient to move around. It can be powered by an AC adapter or 6 AA batteries. It is suitable for your keyboard, bass as well as your electric guitar and can also serve as a speaker when your mp3 or phone is connected to it but you will require an adapter for this.

This amplifier can also function as a gain effect. It is constructed with hard material wrapped around it to prevent any form of damage. It is also surrounded with pad of rubber that makes it stable on a surface without skidding. It delivers a maximum output of 10 W, has dimensions of 9.4” x 7” x 8.8” and weighs 6.1 lb.

The Mugig Guitar Amplifier is a great amplifier for beginners and also very light and affordable, considering the quality of sound delivered. When the volume is increased you do not get any kind of distortion of sound.

The whole package contains; a power adapter, one audio cable (3.5 mm), a user manual and of course a guitar amp.

#3. Aroma Guitar Amp 10 W Mini Portable Amplifier Speaker Accept 1/4″ Guitar Cable

Aroma Guitar Amp 10 W Mini Portable Amplifier Speaker Accept 1/4" Guitar Cable

The aroma guitar has a 10 W power output with built-in effect device for distortion. Modify and amplify your sound with this well built, portable device that is so convenient to move about for practice or rehearsals. It is a mini guitar with several features. It has a good guitar input jack that will work with a standard ¼ inch guitar cable as well as a 3.5 mm audio cable.

This amplifier also has some functions like the gain, bass, treble knob and distortion. It can be powered by an AC adapter (12 V) or AA batteries. It has dimensions of 238 mm X 179 mm X 224 mm and weighs 2.7 kg. The aroma guitar is lightweight and quite easy to use.

This package contains a guitar amp, one 3.5 mm gauge audio cable, a strap, a user manual and one AC adapter.

Some disadvantages:

May not be your best option for a clear sound but will give you mild or high distortion for rehearsal and practice purpose. If you are using this amplifier with an electronic violin you must set it to the right mode which is usually not the default setting.

#2. Marshall MS2 Micro Guitar Amplifier

 Marshall MS2 Micro Guitar Amplifier

It features a volume control, headphone jack and tone control. It may be small and lightweight but delivers great sound. It’s a good choice for any guitarist. Its portable size makes it easy and convenient to take around. This micro amp is a nice practice amp with all the marshall tones packed into it.

It features clean and overdrive channel that is switchable, it has a power output of just 1W and just one tone allows you dial it in. There is also a headphone output that allows you enjoy your sound in private. The whole package contains just a Marshall MS2 Micro Amplifier and a user’s manual.

This amp is quite loud for an amp powered by battery. It also has a cool look and should satisfy your needs. When you use this amp you do not have to worry about plugs, you can walk around as you play your instruments.

The Marshall MS2 Micro Amplifier will surely live up to expectation unless you are thinking it to give you way more than what it was designed for. It is a small amp so it’s only understandable that it won’t give that loud sound that will shatter every glass object around.

#1. Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp, Black with belt clip

Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp, Black with belt clip

This one features a leather handle, a headphone jack and a belt clip. It has amazing clean and overdrive control. It can be powered by a Dan electro DA-1 adapter or a 9V battery that is included in the package. This piece surely has a nice look and you will be blown away with the amazing sound it delivers. It is even more amazing with the headphone.

The Dan electro Honey tone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp will also work well with other instruments like the electric violin and ukulele. It is basically a nice mini practice amp that is ideal for tenor instruments. The battery of this amp is also strong and will last a long time.

You will have an amazing playing experience with this amp as it delivers a nice sound at a decent volume. Although may not be your perfect kind of amp but considering its size and the fact that it is very convenient to use you will definitely want to put your money on this one.